Customer insights, tested prototypes and innovation strategies that work
No two projects are alike at Spark Works. Everything we do is tailored to your resources, team and objectives. We help your organisation bring bold ideas to life through products, services and practices grounded in Human-Centred Design.
Insights & Concepts
Guide the successful deployment of new products, services and business models by discovering your user’s underlying needs and drivers. Translate in-depth studies of your target market into viable, novel concepts.
Prototyping & Testing
Speed up decision-making processes and get your ideas to market fast with rapid prototyping and user testing. Engage users and stakeholders in your ecosystem to generate real data about the feasibility and desirability of your concept.
Culture & Skill Development
Empower key team members to become self-sustaining innovators with training tailored to your team and capabilities. Enhance creative dexterity and keep your organisation competitive through Human-Centred Innovation.
Innovation Strategy
Radical innovation can mean big risks and big rewards. Through a series of tailored in-house studies, workshops and co-creation sessions, we develop an actionable, innovation roadmap that makes sense for your organisation.
Service examples
People, places and processes sustain your competitive advantage. Invest in them!
The fast paced environment puts all organisations under pressure. Have a look at our specific offerings that address the most contemporary issues of companies, public services and NGOs.


Aiming at introducing a customer-centered mindset in your company?

No worries, we can help. We make sure that your organisation gets the skills, tools and mindset necessary to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Our hands-on Design Thinking trainings are building on our core principles: Empathy, Agility and Collaboration.

Service Design Innovation

Have you already started to look at the holistic picture?

Only your users experience your services and interfaces as a whole and are able to identify missing parts. Service Design is about taking a radical user perspective. This way you can guarantee that all pieces build up to a consistent and seamless experience.

Future of work Assessment

Feeling overwhelmed by the new ways of working?

Totally understandable – you need to address not only one, but several topics within all organisational domains: people, processes and places. With our Future of Work Assessment we make sure you ask the key questions and define the right measures.

our approach
Successful innovation starts with human desirability
When it comes to innovation — it’s not just business, it’s personal. 
Everything we do at Sparks Works starts with understanding the needs and motivations of the people that matter. We apply radical customer-centricity and empathy throughout the design process to ensure your ideas correspond to real, human needs. We then evaluate the technical feasibility and business viability of your concept to create an actionable solution for your organisation.
view case studies
case studies
Turning challenges into opportunities with Human-Centred Design
See how we have worked with clients across industries to clarify complex challenges, test Human-Centred solutions and implement sustainable innovation practices.
Banking, Insurance & Real Estate

Designing the first ever Baloise Mobility Accelerator, a 10-week start-up programme

Baloise wanted to grow the brand image of its mobility unit (Baloise Mobility), alongside testing a start-up programme to fill its innovation funnel with new opportunities. With these objectives in mind, we worked with Baloise Mobility to help them create their first ever accelerator programme.

Energy & Mobility

Exploring the attractiveness of discounts and benefit programmes

GOWAGO was looking to gain insights on the attractiveness of discounts and how customers could respond to a new, all-in-one service that could be linked to a benefits program.

Banking, Insurance & Real Estate

Splitsurance innovation in insurance

Many argue that clients of insurance companies are ageing and less prone to churn. With this in mind, Allianz was eager to find new solutions for its service offerings to attract a younger audience, who is often skeptical towards insurance solutions.

Banking, Insurance & Real Estate

A foresight study for a Swiss Mountain destination

The exclusive alpine real estate company Andermatt Swiss Alps (ASA) is developing Andermatt into a first-class year-round destination. To stay ahead of the curve, stay customer-centric, and keep an eye on the future they approached Spark Works to conduct a Foresights Studies into the future of traveling to and living in the Alps.

Public Services & NGOs

Fix it! Building a solution for the City of Zurich’s School & Sport department to report damages

The City of Zurich wanted to find a common system that would help school, kindergarten and daycare staff to easily report and then fix any maintenance issues. From a broken door knob to reporting graffiti, the city sought an easy to use tool that would actually be used by school and daycare personnel as well as janitorial staff.

Banking, Insurance & Real Estate

Developing a motorcycle insurance model through a customer experience

To shape the future of mobility KTM, the biggest European motorcycle manufacturer, and the insurer Baloise collaborated to develop a new digital channel to offer KTM customers an affordable, better integrated and more delightful customer and insurance experience.

Retail & Consumer Goods

A MAKEathon to tackle our meat consumerism

Swiss Food Research, an active Agro-Food innovation ecosystem supported by Innosuisse, builds bridges between research institutes and Swiss companies. With the overall goal to create radical ideas for the food industry they aimed to try out different formats and concepts. The MAKEathon was one of their first.

Education & Culture

User research for presenting ancient villages in an AR app

The exhibition about the historic lake dwellings at today’s Sechseläutenplatz in Zurich are an almost unknown UNESCO-World Heritage site. 10 years after the nomination the city’s archaeologists now made the findings accessible to a wider audience through an AR app. Very little was known about what citizens and tourists expect from such application and how they would like to experience the 5000 years old village.

Education & Culture

Re-designing innovative ‘lifelong learning’ formats

To ensure that its educational programs continuously address the diverse and fast changing industry-relevant qualification gaps and educational needs across all pillars and regions, this KIC (Knowledge Innovation Centre) sought to establish a common learning and education concept administrated by its “Professional School”.

Energy & Mobility

Realigning the business model – from b2b to b2c

Providing smart solutions enabling electricity grids to manage and monitor their infrastructure, Adaptricity wanted to switch to a license fee business model. Over time this would be responsible for 50% of the company revenues. This would require them to directly sell their monitoring software to their end-users (smart grid operators), and thus learn about their needs and expectations.

Manufacturing & Technologies

Training the top 1000 executives

Based on its new company strategy, Siemens wanted to redesign its global leadership training program by educating employees worldwide and instilling a new agile mindset building on the Value Stream Mapping & JTBD (Jobs to be done) methodology.

Energy & Mobility

Redesigning IATA recruitment journey

The capability to attract and retain the best talents is essential for every organisation. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) realised that a new vision together with innovative processes and tools were required to bring their recruiting process to the next level. As a focus, they wanted to make sure that the benefits of working at IATA were clearly communicated to potential candidates.

Banking, Insurance & Real Estate

A paradigm shift from retail banking

A new management team sought a new, customer centric strategy for the bank. They needed an understanding of the pain points of their customers, the competitive landscape, the impact of FinTech, market trends and key behaviour to enable them to build innovative user-centric scenarios for the future of banking.

Public Services & NGOs

Designing for infection prevention

Prevention of infections and antibiotic resistance is crucial for the University Hospital of Zurich (USZ). Its research team constantly updates best practices to ensure prevention is carried out at every step of the patient journey, still infection rates could be lower. How can all USZ healthcare workers know what to do to prevent infections, and antibiotic resistance?

Public Services & NGOs

Innovation booster for knowledge transfer and international collaboration

The old Innosuisse support formats to foster knowledge transfer and international collaboration between academia and industry in Switzerland, proved to cause bureaucratic structures and a significant amount of overhead costs, rather than measurable outcomes such as innovative ideas, concepts or products.

Manufacturing & Technologies

Unlocking business value with Blockchain

Blockchain is a buzzword and new technology that everyone feels they need to work with, but only very few actually understand what it is about, how it works and how they could apply it to generate value for their enterprise and customers.

Banking, Insurance & Real Estate

Train the trainer

To drive their vision of an innovative company culture forward, Allianz needed to train its people in Human-Centred Design and enable internal innovation coaches to plan, deliver and assess internal innovation projects.

Public Services & NGOs

Reinventing the parent letter for the 21st century

Pro Juventute, a Swiss foundation supporting the rights and needs of children, wanted to modernise and redefine their iconic parent letter, which has provided Swiss parents and families with essential information for over forty years.

Banking, Insurance & Real Estate

Impaired lives: Understanding a new market

A Swiss reinsurance company wanted to explore the potential of a new market segment that is often rejected by insurance companies. To find viable solutions for those classed as “impaired lives”, they needed a complete 360° view of the needs and drivers of the main stakeholders involved in the journey.

Banking, Insurance & Real Estate

Determining the future of mobility

Part of Baloise’s current business is based on traditional car insurance. Yet with industries opening up and successful services increasingly relying on collaborations among companies, Baloise needed to know which areas are likely to dominate the future of mobility and who its potential partners might be.

Public Services & NGOs

Enabling open government data

The City of Zurich recently opted for an Open Government Data strategy. During its implementation, city officials discovered the data was highly dispersed internally, and the departments were unsure of which data could be published.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Moving towards an agile, customer-centric culture

Multinational cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company, Philip Morris International (PMI), wanted to transform their innovation culture. They have the ambition to create in-house capabilities to lead their innovation efforts and face the fast changing environment that they have to confront with an agile and customer-centric approach.

Education & Culture

Driving digital transformation in education

Digitalisation is quickly reshaping the way we teach and learn. Schools like the ZHAW are being challenged to re-evaluate their core structures, and implement an approach to education that enables them to become a future-oriented institution.

our tools
Access the Spark Works Method Kit
Inspired by our daily work, the Spark Works Method Kit contains a collection of the best theoretical frameworks, practical tools and hands-on tips to help you apply Design Thinking to your own innovation process. Unlock your team’s creative potential with this step-by-step guide.
Where we make a big impact?
Self-sustaining innovation practices can help your organisation stay ahead of an increasingly fast-paced world. Here are some areas and industries we are excited to work in.

Maximizing government efficiency 

Governmental institutions at all levels play a major role in shaping our society. Spark Works can work together with these organisations to address challenges around affordability, transparency and the ever-evolving complexities of an uncertain world.

Reimagining the future of travel 

Decreased travel due to environmental concerns, and more recently global pandemics, pose serious threats on the airline industry. Spark Works wants to work with leading airlines to develop innovative solutions and practices that meet these issues head-on.

Designing for high density areas

The Swiss Alps is one of the most visited regions in Europe. Ski resorts and ski installations need new strategies to face the challenges that come with dense crowds. Spark Works can help these businesses understand and anticipate the needs of their customer base so they are better able to serve them.

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