Exploring the attractiveness of discounts and benefit programmes
Energy & Mobility
Insights & Concepts
Applied Methods

→ Qualitative user interviews
→ Unpacking frameworks
→ Archetype
→ User journeys
→ User testing

Digital tools

6 weeks

GOWAGO was looking to gain insights on the attractiveness of discounts and how customers could respond to a new, all-in-one service that could be linked to a benefits program.
Set the stage
Qualitative research

Set the stage

Alongside defining the ideal candidates to interview, we designed an interview guide together with the client to ensure we asked the right questions.

The research goal was to understand: 

→ the positive and negative perceptions of leasing a car with
an all-in-one offer. 
→ how to design discount offerings that might counteract some of the negative aspects, so that people would consider their service.

Qualitative research

During the interviews, the questions aimed to uncover what the candidate’s openness towards an all-in-one leasing package is, as well as assess the attractiveness of various potential employee benefits in the form of discounts or free products and services. 

Besides semi-structured open-ended questions, the research also included an AB testing section, in which a series of discount visuals designed together with the client, has been presented to the interviewee. For instance, how an inclusion of a complete annual insurance was perceived compared to discount on the monthly leasing rate for the duration of the contract. 


After running the interviews, it was time to analyse the data. Drawing from the collected insights we created various archetypes with specific needs, preferences and pain points. We were also able to derive actionable recommendations on the offering attractiveness by outlining how certain archetypes would react to different discounts in the form of employee benefits. From here it was time to present the findings in a clear documentation. 

“A sprint market research that helped us validate key value proposition insights and offering attractiveness. The passion of the Spark Works team is only matched by their ability to become knowledgeable about complex product and services - and that combo makes it work.”

Leo Chevailler, Co-founder & COO-CMO, GOWAGO


Thanks to the findings from the qualitative research conducted, the GOWAGO team was able to make strategic choices about how to best set up a potential employee benefits program. Additionally, GOWAGO utilised many other user insights to improve their products and service in a customer-centric manner.

Project Lead
Linda Armbruster
Director Collaborative Innovation
Linda holds an M.A. in Strategic Design from the design akademie berlin. As a trained Design Thinker from the Potsdam and Stanford d.school, co-founder of Spark Works and lecturer at the ETHZ, she builds and leads research and training programs in the private and public sector, blending methods grounded in Human-Centred Design to inform and inspire insight-driven innovation.
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